Hi there, I am Janette 👋
a UX Designer
living in Vancouver, Canada

Be contextual. Be human. I work hard. I work smart.
I design website and app. I have industry experience collaborating with teams on projects all the way to production.
Currently I am looking to take on new challenges for UX design jobs.

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Product Design | Mobile Design

Optimizing the most cost-
effective route for food delivery

Route Planning is a set of features that visualize the optimization algorithm on minimizing driver's delivery time for multiple stops.

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UX Design | Mobile Design

Building trust level  on a relationship-based society

Kontech is a user recruitment platform with reliable referrals and effective incentive system that recruiting Chinese to participate in user research.

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UX Design | Website Design | CRM System

Revolution of British Columbia Legal System

Coform is a website for lawyers to streamline on clients' cases management and court orders tracking.

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UX Design | Website Design | Accessible Design

Making accessible and inclusive experience

Realwheels Production Website is a remote communication and centralizing website based on the theatre production process that is made with accessibility in mind.

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Redesign | UX Design | Mobile Design

Enhancing Shared Listening experience on Spotify

Spotify's Group Session feature provide real-time music listening experience  among quarantine-mates and families.

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